Olivhealthcare offers best in class allergy testing service by utilizing highly advanced equipment. Allergy blood test help identify presence of allergic substances in patient’s blood.

The most common form, by far, is inhaled allergens. About 40 million Indians are affected by seasonal allergies and hay fever, which is an allergic reaction to pollen.

Asthma is estimated by the World Allergy Organization to be responsible for 250,000 deaths annually. With adequate allergy treatment, these deaths can be avoided, since asthma is considered a form of allergic disease.

Tests for allergies will decide which unique pollens, molds or other substances you are allergic to. In order to treat your allergies, you can need medication. Alternatively, you should try to avoid the causes of your allergies.

Types of allergens

Substances that can induce an allergic reaction are allergens. Three key forms of allergens exist:

  • When they come in contact with the lungs or membranes of the nostrils or mouth, inhaled allergens damage the body. The most common inhaled allergen is pollen.
  • In some ingredients, such as peanuts, soy, and fish, ingested allergens are present.
  • To cause a reaction, the contact allergens must come into contact with your skin. An example of a touch allergen reaction is the poison ivy-induced rash and itching.

Allergy checks include exposing you to and recording the reaction to a very small dose of a specific allergen.

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