Molecular Pathology

Olivhealthcare’s expert Molecular Pathology team discovers a patient’s genetic variants that help to assess his/her disease propensity and possible responses to a beneficial alternative therapy.

In pathology, molecular pathology is a new field focused on the study and diagnosis of disease by studying molecules inside organs, tissues or body fluids. Molecular pathology shares both anatomical and clinical pathology, molecular biology, biochemistry, proteomics and genetics in some areas of practice, and is often considered a fusion specialty. In nature, it is multi-disciplinary and focuses mostly on the sub-microscopic aspects of illness. 

If the diagnosis is based on both morphological variations in tissues (traditional anatomical pathology) and molecular examination, a more detailed diagnosis is possible.

Use of Molecular Pathology

Molecular Pathology, like the variety of amino acids that make up cellular DNA, is used to learn about the essential components of a cell. Our researchers also look at cellular tissue samples in addition to doing amino acid sequencing, and they conduct a number of experiments to learn more about the development of the disease in individual patients and in general.

Molecular pathology is commonly used to study of specimens taken from cancer patients. In order to determine where the cancer started, our pathologists examine the specimen and search for biomarkers to classify the susceptibility to particular cancer therapies.

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