Olivehealthcare’s department of Serology has the advanced equipment that preserve the precision of the tests and decrease the possibility of human errors. 

Serologic tests are blood tests that scan the blood for antibodies. A variety of laboratory methods may be involved in them. To diagnose different disease disorders, various forms of serologic tests are used.

Serologic inspections have one thing in common. All of them concentrate on proteins produced by your immune system. By killing foreign invaders that can make you sick, this essential body system helps keep you safe. The analytical procedure is the same regardless of which methodology is used by the laboratory during serological testing.

Use of serologic test

Knowing a little bit about the immune system and why we get sick to understand serological tests and why they are useful is beneficial.

Antigens are substances that trigger the immune system to respond. Usually, they are too small to see by the human eye. Via the mouth, through broken skin, or through the nasal passages, they may reach the human body. The following are antigens that often influence individuals:

  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • viruses
  • parasites


By developing antibodies, the immune system protects against antigens. These antibodies are particles which bind to and unblock the antigens. When your blood is tested, the type of antibodies and antigens in your blood serum can be detected and the type of infection you have can be identified.

Often the body mistakes outside invaders for its own stable tissue and creates unwanted antibodies. It’s referred to as an autoimmune condition. Serologic tests may help the doctor diagnose an autoimmune condition to identify certain antibodies.

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